Our Story

We love our Caesars. Like you, we have our own Caesar crew of friends who love them as much as we do. But we were always disappointed in the few canned Caesars available in stores. They lacked the flavour and higher ABV's we're used to. They were also super boring. Caesars are bold! Just like us.

So... We decided to change that and set off on the challenge of making our own canned Caesars. Our non-caesar friends said it would be impossible. They just didn't get it.

But did we do it! Hail Yeah! Introducing our first Hail Caesar - Korean BBQ. It's deliciously smoky, tangy, Spicy, sweet and savoury all in one. Packed with tasty notes of one of our favourite full flavour cuisines: Korean BBQ. And at 7.0% it's a bar strength Caesar that stands on its own. You don’t need to top up a Hail Caesar...although we wouldn't blame you if you did.

Cheers and all Hail: a new Caesar is in town.